It’s Friezing…

It’s Friezing… 

Cole & Son’s New Fornasetti II Collection is Launched!

The world renowned wallpaper company Cole & Son have launched their new collection. Fornasetti II is made up of fifteen bold designs, featuring eccentric motifs, and making use of wide width friezes and borders.

Owls“Nottambule” is a charming and humorous frieze featuring wide eyed owls. It is designed to be hung at the top of a room or above a dado rail. This border comes in five colour ways, including two neutral colours, livery red or yellow, and a dramatic midnight grey.


“Promenade” – is a wide width frieze designed to be hung around the bottom of a room.     It features umbrellas, riding crops and walking sticks in witty colours, against a charcoal ground.


“Multiplette” features 9 cyclists pedalling along on a multi-saddled bicycle, in comic strip style stripe jerseys and caps. This fun design comes in two nostalgic colour ways of red and navy, as seen here, or a more vibrant primary red, blue and yellow. This border frieze comes on a 7.5 metre roll of 5 complete bicycles.


“Pennini” – is a sophisticated frieze featuring old fashioned pen nibs. Designed to be hung horizontally around the room, this border comes in soft palettes of parchment and blues, charcoal and bronze, and linen and copper.

All these papers are available via Mary Ward Interiors.

Please contact us for samples and information.

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